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While in action, Camp Daybreak is volunteer run under the guidance and support of our amazing Professional Staff. This consists of our Director, four Family Consultants, Nurse, Rec Director, Arts Director, Nature Director and Waterfront Director. Learn more about them below!

Trista RInger, Camp Director

Trista started Camp Daybreak the summer before her Senior year of High School in 2005 as a Big Sibling. She has worn many hats during her time at Camp Daybreak including Counselor, Rec Director (aka the Rec Rex), Family Consultant, and now Director. When she’s not planning camp, you can find her on her small farm with all her husband, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, and cats. Or she’s quilting up a storm in her sewing studio.


Years at Camp: 17

Favorite Night at Camp: Pirate Night

Favorite Song: The Muffin Song!!


Hi Everyone, I’m Erica, the Consultant for Family A!


I recently moved to Portland, Maine in order to pursue my Master’s in Social Work. I can’t wait to continue my career in working with children like those who join us at Camp Daybreak and their families! Seeing the success of our campers and the difference fun and positive supports can make incited my passion for helping children and families receive the supports they need within their own communities.


To fill up the other 51 weeks of the year while I wait for camp again, I love reading, trivia and strategy games, camping and any activity that involves the ocean! As well as regular FaceTime chats with my nephew where I try to make him laugh while he tries to eat the phone...


Camp is always one of my favorite weeks of every year and I can’t wait to meet each camper and volunteer and watch them thrive throughout the week!


Years at Camp: 12

Favorite Night at Camp: Superhero Carnival

Favorite Song: The Bear Song

Jamie (aka Mom)

When not at camp, or scouring holiday clearance for camp, I work as a clinician for Head Start. My ability to find incentives and sensory toys for camp has helped a lot in my real-life job as well. My career was one hundred percent influenced by camp. I have been the consultant for Family B for, hmm, I’m not actually sure now. For a long time ?


Years at Camp: 27

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Pirate Night

What is your favorite camp song? So tough! Right now, rock the mullet


Emmie Headrick

Hi! I’m the Consultant of Family C. For the 51 weeks of the year that I’m not at Camp Daybreak, I work as a Behavior Interventionist at an alternative school in Colchester, VT. I am also currently pursuing my M.Ed in Special Education. I found Daybreak when I was 17 years old, and the course of my life has been drastically changed for the better since my first summer as a volunteer. Camp Daybreak has helped me to find my passion for working in youth mental health, but I’m also passionate about arts and crafts, comedy, and my dog!


Years at Camp: 10

What's your favorite theme day at camp? My favorite theme is superhero but my favorite evening activity is talent show.

What is your favorite camp song? Either the bear song or the moose song depending on the day.

Brennan Lynch

Hello! My name is Brennan and I am the Consultant of Family D. Camp Daybreak has been a part of my life since 2012, and it played a big role in my decision to become a teacher. When I'm not at camp or in school, I love to find ways to get outside. Hiking and rock climbing with friends are two of my favorite things to do! I always look forward to Camp Daybreak and I can't wait to see our campers and volunteers each year!


Years at Camp: 8

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Family Spirit!

What is your favorite camp song? The Muffin Song!

Olivia (aka 'The Water Otter')

During summertime I like to swim, hike, travel, take on new adventures, and count down the days until camp begins! I love spending time with animals, especially cows and cats! Outside of camp, I teach math, and my experience at Daybreak has taught me countless lessons that I use in my classroom! Each year at camp I discover more reasons why Daybreak is the best place on the planet! This year I'm excited to see the goofiest and most creative costumes at camp!


Years at Camp: 9

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Superhero Day!

What is your favorite camp song? The swimming pool song of course!

Courtney Pelkey (aka 'The Crafty Penguin')

In my everyday life I am a special educator for a middle school here in Vermont. I love to work with kids and love to volunteer. I am the arts and crafts director for Camp Daybreak and am going on my 4th year in this position and 7 years volunteering with Daybreak. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, especially my 4-year-old niece. I also love spending time with my two dogs. I am an avid reader and love laying around with a blanket and reading a book, especially on the occasional snow day.


Years at Camp: 8

What's your favorite theme day at camp? I love PJ day. Who doesn’t want to hang out in their pj’s all day! (Especially penguin ones)

What is your favorite camp song? It is a tie between Tarzan and the Muffin Song!

Troy (aka 'The Nature Narwhal')

Troy manages a shoe store in down town Burlington when he's not obsessing over camp! Camp started as a random opportunity for Troy in high school but couldn't resist the urge to be around people these crazy people so keeps returning year after year! Troy is the nature director and promises there will be no snow forecasted for the week of camp! Troy also hopes you've filled out your 2019 volunteer application for camp daybreak because this week doesn't happen without you reading this!


Years at Camp: 9

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Carnival duh!

What is your favorite camp song? The muffin song! You know, the ones with the honey and the nuts on top!

Kathleen Leach

Kathleen began her Daybreak career in high school and continued through college while studying Animal Science at the University of Rhode Island. She attended camp as a big sister twice, a counselor three times, and acted as the Nature Director for one year before taking a hiatus to pursue her dream of working with marine mammals. She has traveled and lived all over the U.S. living out this dream - working with otters, dolphins, and pelicans in Florida, beluga whales and seals in Georgia, and dolphins in both Hawaii and California.


Kathleen returned to her favorite place to put a smile on her face in 2019 as a counselor and had another amazing week. She is ecstatic for her 8th year as the new Recreation Director. She's ready for another fun-filled week of pesky pirates, silly singing, and forever friends.


Years at Camp: 9

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Pirate Night!

What is your favorite camp song? The Moose Song (silly Fred, always spilling his juice in his hair!)

Kathryn Maurer

Hello! I am Camp Daybreak's photographer! When I'm not at camp, I basically do the same job for the Howard Center working in schools with students who have challenges that interfere with their learning. I grew up figure skating so winter has become one of my favorite seasons--I like snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, and snowball fights! I also love cooking and am always looking for new recipes to try!


Camp Daybreak played a huge role in helping me figure out what I wanted to do for a job and connected me to a family I have stayed in touch with since my very first day as a big sibling. I am so proud to work for a program that supports the needs of the children we serve and the growth of volunteers thinking about what they might want to do next!


Years at Camp: 10

What's your favorite theme day at camp? Carnival Night

What is your favorite camp song? The Beaver Song


Meet Michele, the camp nurse! Michele started at Camp Daybreak in 2017 as a Big Sibling. It was that same year where she earned the Camp Daybreak Rock Solid award. When not at camp, Michele lives in Connecticut where she is a nurse in her everyday life.


Years at Camp: 5

Favorite Night at Camp:

Favorite Song:


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