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Camp Daybreak was founded in 1961 as a joint effort of the Northeast Kingdom Mental Health Service and the Vermont Church Council. In 1971, the Vermont Association for Mental Health assumed sponsorship of the camp in cooperation with the state’s community mental health centers, the state Department of Mental Health and the Vermont Ecumenical Council. Since 1972, Camp Daybreak has been operated as a strengths based experience focused on meeting the needs of the young people who attend.


Camp Daybreak has enjoyed locations throughout the state including Camp Holy Cross in Colchester, Lochearn Camp in Post Mills, Camp Winape in Newport, Camp Abnaki in North Hero, Camp Thorpe in Goshen, and Camp Wachusett in Hubardton.


In its long history, Camp Daybreak has served more than 1,600 campers and housed more than 2,500 volunteers.


Today, Camp Daybreak’s mission to support young Vermonters in developing lasting relationships and improve self-concept remains a priority.


Camp Daybreak
PO Box 54
Milton, VT 05468
(802) 451-0801

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